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OUR MISSION STATEMENT: The primary mission of the Hudson Valley Handbell. Festival Conference (HVHFC) is to promote the art of handbell ringing by providing an opportunity for local and/or visiting handbell choirs to perform in a massed, divisional, and solo choir framework, and present a concert to the general public. To further the art of handbell ringing, HVHFC may, at the discretion of the governing body, also provide financial assistance to handbell choirs or members of the Handbell Musicians of America who are in serious documented need.

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Girl Scouts 2014

Girl Scouts, Rachel from Troop 1160

The money that Hudson Valley Handbell Festival raised last year went towards buying four octaves of Malmark Handchimes. These chimes were used in my Girl Scout Silver Award when I went into different Nursing homes and Senior Centers and played some solos and in some of the nursing homes I taught them how to ring. I also held a few workshops with younger girl scouts teaching them bell techniques. 

I am in the process of getting my Girl Scout Gold Award approved. For my Gold Award I am planning to start a program so that children with special needs and disabilities can learn to ring with a parent or guardian. I know many kids who would love to be able to ring but have a special need and haven't been able to thus far. This will give the children and a parent or guardian a chance to have some fun together because often these kids and parents/guardians spend most of their time going from doctors appointment to doctors appointment instead of having fun together. I hope to be able to bring this choir to Hudson Valley Handbell Festival or to the Hudson Valley Young Ringers Festival in the spring of 2016.

I have had a dream of spreading bells and chimes to people who wouldn't otherwise be able to hear or play them. I give many thanks to Hudson Valley Handbell Festival for making this dream possible. Please also visit  this link.

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