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OUR MISSION STATEMENT: The primary mission of the Hudson Valley Handbell. Festival Conference (HVHFC) is to promote the art of handbell ringing by providing an opportunity for local and/or visiting handbell choirs to perform in a massed, divisional, and solo choir framework, and present a concert to the general public. To further the art of handbell ringing, HVHFC may, at the discretion of the governing body, also provide financial assistance to handbell choirs or members of the Handbell Musicians of America who are in serious documented need.

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We received a thank you from the Grace Episcopal Church in New Orleans.  Click on the image to the left to see a pdf of the letter.

The brand new 2 octaves of Malmark handbells have arrived at Grace Episcopal Church in New Orleans!  Their director of music, Joe Foxhood, and their young musicians are looking forward to playing them during the churchís worship liturgy and in a choir/singing program that will begin with the school year this September 2007.

This set of bells allows them to add a second component to their community music ministry  

which already includes a strong singing program.  Handbells are novel and interesting to kids because most of their own churches donít use them, as a rule.

Handbells, in addition to the obvious musical skills learning to play them will impart, will strengthen kidsí mathematical ability, promoting awareness of what can be accomplished when many people work together for a common goal, and again adding to a multi-dimensional growth experience.

This is particularly important in Post-Katrina New Orleans, in light of their school system which is struggling to both recover and be better than it was before. 

Many children did not have access to a decent education pre-storm, and the jury is still out as to how well the new school system will do for them.  Every dimension that can be added by community and/or faith-based organizations will not only benefit the children immediately, but will lay a foundation on which a better city for all residents can be achieved. 

This is also important in their current situation where many folks are living in shared, crowded housing.  Traffic is difficult at best, and tension and stress remain at extreme levels.  Music could be a strong antidote and outlet for so many young persons in the neighborhood, instead of turning to artificial substances for escape.

We are very grateful to all the directors, ringers and members of the audience who contributed so generously to this charity.  More information about the work of this church can be had by logging onto their website,  Additional pictures of the devastation caused by Katrina can be found here

Thanks go to the benefit committee and the generosity of Malmark Handbells for this gift to Grace Episcopal Church in New Orleans.



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